Tammy Hall

beach scene
 5th grade

 Room 225


Welcome to Mrs. Hall's 5th grade class! This year we will be learning many things. In math we will be learning fractions, decimals, geometry and many other math skills. In social studies we will be learning about exploration, the settlers, the Revolutionary War, The Constitution and Government, Westward Movement, the Civil War and personal finance. We will be getting a lot of experience with different types of reading such as fiction, non-fiction, and informational reading. We will also be learning to write many different ways such as expository writing, narratives and we will be learning about persuasive writing through debates. In science, our main units will be aerospace, motion and design and mixtures and solutions. Additional science and social studies activities will be incorporated through reading.
Our class climate is one based on respect and accepting others, while learning to work together during cooperative learning activities.

This is my eighteenth year at Houston Elementary. I've taught kindergarten, 1st grade, sixth grade as well as 5th grade. 5th grade is an awesome grade!