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What does it mean to be a Title I School?
 Houston Elementary is a Title I School
            •  We receive Federal funds to provide extra help for all our students.
What makes us a Title I School?
            •  We have 50% or more Free & Reduced Lunch Approved Applications.

Advantages of being a Title I School:
  • The money is used for teachers, tutors, after school programs, books, technology and materials
  • Used for supplemental intervention during the school day
  • All Teachers and paraprofessionals are Highly Qualifie
  • Social Worker available on campus for all students

Parent Information:
Parents Right to Know 2018-2019.pdf
Title I Parent Notification of Entrance .pdf
Houston Parents Notice to Receive Title I Services ENG.pdf
2018-2019 Houston COMPACT LETTER.doc.pdf

 Parent Resources:

Online Free and Reduced Application
Arizona Department of Education
GPS Infinite Campus Portal  

English Classes 2017-2018.pdf
GED Flyer 2017-2018.pdf

2018 March Math Connection.pdf
2018 March Reading Connection.pdf
2018 May Math Connection (Beginning & Intermediate)
2018 May Reading Connection (Beginning).pdf
2018 Oct Reading Connection (Beginning).pdf
2018 Oct Reading Connection (Intermediate).pdf
2018 Oct Math & Science Connection (Beginning).pdf
2018 Oct Math & Science Connection (Intermediate).pdf
2018 November Math Connection Beginners.pdf
2018 November Math Connection.pdf
2018 November Reading Connection Beginners.pdf
2018 November Reading Connection.pdf
2018 December Math Connections .pdf
2018 December Reading Connections.pdf
2019 January Reading Connections.pdf
2019 January Math Connections.pdf
2019 February Rdg Connection Beginning.pdf
2019 February Rdg Connection Intermediate.pdf
2019 February Math & Science Connection Beginning.pdf
2019 Feb Math+Science Connection Intermediate.pdf
March 2019 Reading Connection Spanish Beginner.pdf
2019 March Reading Connection Beginner.pdf
2019 March Reading Connection Intermediate.pdf
March 2019 Math Connection Spanish.pdf
2019 March Math Connection Beginner.pdf
2019 March Math Intermediate Connection.pdf

2018-2019 Title 1 Events
2018 Houston Title 1 Parent Information Mtg.pdf
2018 GPS Community Night.pdf

The Houston Title 1 Team:

Title 1 Data Clerk - Megan Platt, megan.platt@gilbertschools.net
Math Specialist - Sheri Pierce, sheri.pierce@gilbertschools.net
Reading Specialist  - Karen Montgomery, karen.montgomery@gilbertschools.net
Social Worker - Christa McKirchy, christa.mckirchy@gilbertschools.net

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