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What does it mean to be a Title I School?
 Houston Elementary is a Title I School
            •  We receive Federal funds to provide extra help for all our students.
What makes us a Title I School?
            •  We have 50% or more Free & Reduced Lunch Approved Applications.

Advantages of being a Title I School:
  • The money is used for teachers, tutors, after school programs, books, technology and materials
  • Used for supplemental intervention during the school day
  • All Teachers and paraprofessionals are Highly Qualifie
  • Social Worker available on campus for all students

Parent Information:
Parents Right to Know 2018-2019.pdf
Title I Parent Notification of Entrance .pdf
Houston Parents Notice to Receive Title I Services ENG.pdf
2018-2019 Houston COMPACT LETTER.doc.pdf

 Parent Resources:

Online Free and Reduced Application
Arizona Department of Education
GPS Infinite Campus Portal  

English Classes 2017-2018.pdf
GED Flyer 2017-2018.pdf

2018 March Math Connection.pdf
2018 March Reading Connection.pdf
2018 May Math Connection (Beginning & Intermediate)
2018 May Reading Connection (Beginning).pdf
2018 Oct Reading Connection (Beginning).pdf
2018 Oct Reading Connection (Intermediate).pdf
2018 Oct Math & Science Connection (Beginning).pdf
2018 Oct Math & Science Connection (Intermediate).pdf
2018 November Math Connection Beginners.pdf
2018 November Math Connection.pdf
2018 November Reading Connection Beginners.pdf
2018 November Reading Connection.pdf

2018-2019 Title 1 Events
2018 Houston Title 1 Parent Information Mtg.pdf
2018 GPS Community Night.pdf

The Houston Title 1 Team:

Title 1 Data Clerk - Megan Platt, megan.platt@gilbertschools.net
Math Specialist - Sheri Pierce, sheri.pierce@gilbertschools.net
Reading Specialist  - Karen Montgomery, karen.montgomery@gilbertschools.net
Social Worker - Christa McKirchy, christa.mckirchy@gilbertschools.net

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